Dad_Birthday Surprise_Cufflinks_Heirloom Evolution_POPPYOR_1


a sturdy
the possibilities
are endless and varied.
Ultimately, substance not style
determines the quality of an experience.
From this deeply grounded place, time opens up
providing ample space for family, work, personal interests;
to explore another landscape finding treasures to grace the day-to-day.
It’s a partnership, a dance, in which reliance on others brings fullness and expanse.
Though the setting changes over time you remain the same respected, loved & honored
in gold from the beloved mother and wife from whom a spark of life emerges a solid man.


Dad_Birthday Surprise_Cufflinks_Heirloom Evolution_POPPYOR_original gold chain

cufflink material: 14k yellow gold section from the chain of the recipient’s mother, 14k gold backs

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