“Demi” Sterling Silver & Diamond Ring

Bound, but only half way. What could this mean, what shall we say?

This less than symmetrical ring lives in a world all it's own. One continuous strand of silver, weaves in, out, through and all about.  Adorned by a seat of gold and nestled inside, a small sparkle.  Please note that each ring is truly a unique, one-of-a-kind piece and can also be worn as a pinkie or midi (top-knuckle) ring.

• sterling silver (polished), 18k gold setting, white diamond (conflict-free)

• total width: 1/4"  • total height: 1/8" • diamond: 2mm (.03ct)

Size* * *Additional full and half sizes are available with no additional charge. Please place the order (choose any size) and then email us at, [email protected] directly after the order is placed to let us know the preferred size. Thank You!
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