Heirloom Evolution Party

Interested In Hosting An Heirloom Evolution Party?

We created the Heirloom Evolution Party concept to bring the richness of this process into a community of friends, family or colleagues. Creating a relaxing social setting as the POPPYOR Creative Team facilitates an experience that moves beyond the mundane and brings individuals into an encounter with the stories behind one anothers’ beloved jewelry. This process provides a context for reflective insight, enriching exchanges of experience an inspiration for new forms. The process is intentional in every step to create a process that is personally reflective and socially enlivening.

How It Works

• Host(ess) meets with POPPYOR’s Heirloom Evolution Creative Director to share the stories of her/his piece(s) and selects piece from the Heirloom Evolution Collection to customize; this enables the host(ess) to understand fully the process.

• Host(ess) selects their guest list and is provided with a Heirloom Evolution Save-the-Date & Poem, Formal Invitation and Party Reminder along with a “Family Tree” of examples, to email to guests.

• Guests bring jewelry (silver, gold, stones, chains in any form) from their past.

• As an introduction, the POPPYOR Creative Team will explain the Heirloom Evolution concept and facilitate the opening circle with a poem and the one-of-a-kind, evolved piece(s) of jewelry that was created for the host(ess).

• Guests will share their pieces of jewelry that they brought and the history behind these pieces as the POPPYOR Creative Team takes note of the stories and offers creative feedback regarding the potential of their pieces.

• Guests will then have opportunity to select from the Heirloom Evolution Collection and are assisted by the Creative Team in thinking about the enhancement options when preparing an order.

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