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– Evolve and Form Anew –

Lingering in small packages, tucked in the back of fabric covered boxes,
reside safeguarded pieces of the past.
No longer well worn, yet these essences of
memorable moments, rights of passage, stages of life;
are poised to shine in fresh creative light.

The POPPYOR guiding principle – stories told, designs unfold –  provides rich and endless inspiration for innovative lines and custom creations. Each piece is designed and fabricated with intention from a knowing that jewelry becomes a part of who we are as it represents the rights of passage, personal commitments, special moments in time, aspirations and accomplishments that form our identity. The POPPYOR process of creation centers around bringing the essences of our stories into material form using silver, gold, semi-precious and precious stones. Working from this orientation and through this process we gain a deep appreciate for human dynamism and a conviction that our jewelry should reflect our capacity and our compulsion to change, to evolve in and through our experiences. It is from this place of realization and operation that we introduce a new line of design in Heirloom Evolution: Evolve and Form Anew.

Heirloom Evolution_Re-Purposed Jewelry Example_Tree_POPPYOR_HeirE page

The “Family Tree” of Heirloom Evolution, jewelry transformation samples.


How It Works

• Begin by selecting a piece of jewelry, perhaps tucked away and that could use a little evolution, while holding onto the history and sentiment. For example, a gold ring that a good friend gave you in college:

Original Gold Ring_Heirloom Evolution_Process_Fabrication_POPPYOR

• Then select the design(s) from the Heirloom Evolution collection. Example “Striking a new Cord” earrings:

Striking a new Cord_earrings_HeirloomEvolution_POPPYOR_Jewelry

• Using the order form(s), input your “ingredients” and indicate any enhancements or additional instructions with regard to texture, grain style, length, and finish.

• Submit the order and your original jewelry piece(s). For this example, the original gold ring and the order form for “Striking a New Cord” earrings would be submitted or sent in.

Heirloom Evolution_Menus Card_POPPYOR


Original Gold Ring_Heirloom Evolution_Process_Fabrication_POPPYOR

• We’ll take it from there. Processing, hand-fabrication and delivery for your finished evolved piece(s) will take between 5-10 business days.

Snipping Pieces of Ring_Heirloom Evolution_Process_Fabrication_POPPYORFabricating Organic Discs_Striking a new Cord_Earrings_Heirloom Evolution_Process_Fabrication_POPPYOR

Final Product_Earrings_Striking a new Cord_Heirloom Evolution_Process_Fabrication_POPPYOR

Once it’s evolved anew, it will arrive wrapped, ready for you.

Ribbon & Box_POPPYOR Jewelry Packaging

– Reviews From Recipients of Heirloom Evolution Pieces –

“My ring (Fresh Beginning) is both modern and romantic, both traditional and new. It incorporates my family’s faith with a nod to the present… it will be an heirloom for years to come.” – India Olchefske, Chicago, IL

“Reworking gold chains from a formative period of my past that is no longer in existence and yet an integral part of who I am, is meaningful. I find satisfaction in the convertibility of the piece as it meets my needs day-to-day and in the way that the design reflects the essence and intention of this part of my story.” State of Flux and Open to Transition necklace/bracelet duo – Jessica Epperson-Lusty, Washington, DC

“I am wearing something special and precious of yours makes me feel that I carry you in my heart.” Words of gratitude from the recipient, to the original owner of the gold ring used for Striking a new Cord earrings. – Christiane Connors, Washington, DC

“It is such a gift to be able to maintain the integrity of my mom’s favorite necklace, yet at the same time have the thing she loved so much reinterpreted to fit my style.  I wear my bracelet (Holding on Lightly) everyday- a lifetime of love and memories wrapped around my wrist.” – Natalia Rae Burke, Bellingham, Washington


Interested In Hosting An Heirloom Evolution Party?

We created the Heirloom Evolution Party concept to bring the richness of this process into a community of friends, family or colleagues. Creating a relaxing social setting as the POPPYOR Creative Team facilitates an experience that moves beyond the mundane and brings individuals into an encounter with the stories behind one anothers’ beloved jewelry. This process provides a context for reflective insight, enriching exchanges of experience an inspiration for new forms. The process is intentional in every step to create a process that is personally reflective and socially enlivening.

How It Works

• Host(ess) meets with POPPYOR’s Heirloom Evolution Creative Director to share the stories of her/his piece(s) and selects piece from the Heirloom Evolution Collection to customize; this enables the host(ess) to understand fully the process.

• Host(ess) selects their guest list and is provided with a Heirloom Evolution Save-the-Date & Poem, Formal Invitation and Party Reminder along with a “Family Tree” of examples, to email to guests.

• Guests bring jewelry (silver, gold, stones, chains in any form) from their past.

• As an introduction, the POPPYOR Creative Team will explain the Heirloom Evolution concept and facilitate the opening circle with a poem and the one-of-a-kind, evolved piece(s) of jewelry that was created for the host(ess).

• Guests will share their pieces of jewelry that they brought and the history behind these pieces as the POPPYOR Creative Team takes note of the stories and offers creative feedback regarding the potential of their pieces.

• Guests will then have opportunity to select from the Heirloom Evolution Collection and are assisted by the Creative Team in thinking about the enhancement options when preparing an order.


Semi-Custom Heirloom Evolution Pieces

These evolved pieces require a deeper level of consultation and incorporation of pieces into designs that may be inspired by a piece in the collection as a base design, but take it to another level of individualization in the form of conceptional design consideration and fabrication. Examples include…(titles of pieces with links to pieces).

– Reviews From Recipients of Heirloom Evolution Semi-Custom Pieces –

“These little shamrocks (from Good Fortune Revised) represent such a substantial part of my life – the many years spent as a lawyer, learning the craft while building character, long hours in the office, making lifelong friends.  Though that experience continues to recede into the past, it is and always will be an integral part of who I am today.  I always felt bad that those blingy shamrocks, not to my aesthetic taste, laid dormant in my top dresser drawer, as though abandoned.  POPPYOR has recreated them in a beautiful and fresh way, so that I now wear them almost daily, a visible reminder of a piece of my past that is close to my heart – Love and thanks to you, POPPYOR!” – Frances Wu-Chesser, Co-Owner of RaReR Design, Washington, DC


Custom Jewelry

These pieces are original conceptual designs that include a deep consideration of the story behind the pieces (past), the story/sentiment the individual intends the piece to represent (present) and the essence and intention the piece carries forward (philosophy). The original piece provided is re-imagined with these considerations coupled with personal aesthetic and intended function of the piece resulting in the presentation of a truly original piece and poem. To read more about our custom process, please visit our Custom Process page. To see pieces that have evolved from beloved pieces of the past to a new design, visit Our Journal under Heirloom Evolution (here).

– Reviews From Recipients of Custom Jewelry –

“Beyond what I imagined, people are simply amazed when they see it. Thank you so much for your beautiful work. It is perfect!”  (engagement/ wedding ring using rings from three generations, two families, The Glance) – Angela Boucher, Boulder, CO

“Our rings are gorgeous, that goes without saying. But they are much more than that- they are thoughtful, they have a story, they represent emotion.” (mother/daughter ring set, Finding Center Amongst Flight) – Sophie Latham, Washington, DC

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