Mary’s Wishes

Thirty Years_ Mary's Wish Box_ Chain


Second shot, aperture adjusts; click.
An unexpected moment in time; tick.

Adventure began,
Together, with encouragement, hand in hand.

Navigation lit, by our atomic nuclei, light,
Which is that of our support and dedication that shines, bright.

As mother, and as wife,
That beauty and strength, never lost throughout, life.

And a world without your warmth, and heart,
Would be that of a sphere, torn apart.

With ever changing tones, the shell, that holds the cacao,
This richness, has never been savored, as now.

Launched by faith, and a feeling,
Our endearment is more glorious, than any, infamous ceiling.


This custom piece an original Antum Quislode, a sterling silver pendant that holds the wearer’s wishes, thoughts, prayers and personal affirmations.

Hand Fabricated Chain and Pendant Material: sterling silver, 10k gold, 14k gold, 18k gold, 24k gold.

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