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 Designed with Intention, Made with Integrity

One of the farthest reaching impacts we make in our world come through our decisions as consumers. Our choices ripple through the environment and the lives of other people. Poppy, owner and principal designer of POPPYOR has done her research to select sources for precious metals that carry the Harmony recycled precious metals and Fairmined assurance label that guarantee third-party verification of “world leading standards for responsible practices, delivering social development and environmental protection” and selects only conflict-free gemstones. The establishments and organization that POPPYOR works with are held at high regard in the jewelry industry, as they follow strict SCS (Scientific Certification Systems) Global Service guidelines.

For jewelry that is hand-fabricated from start to finish, all pieces are made in-house by Poppy and her team of talented bench jewelers. If a piece is to be cast (re-produced), the masters are designed and hand-fabricated in-house, and go on to be produced locally.

Sustainable, Ethically Responsible and Environmentally Sound

Metal: All precious metal (gold, silver, palladium and platinum) that we use for our jewelry is either Harmony metals, which is 100% recycled and sourced from a local refinery based in Virgina or sourced from Fairmined.

Diamonds: The diamonds that we use for our collections are 100% recycled. For clients of custom pieces that would prefer non-recycled stones, we offer conflict-free (Canadian) diamonds that undergo the Kimberley Process, which was created to eliminate the flow of  “conflict diamonds.” We are also excited to introduce the option of using lab-grown diamonds. For additional information about our material, please contact us anytime!



General Jewelry Care For Instructions

When not in use, always store your jewelry separately from other pieces to avoid scratches and damage. Just a gentle reminder, harsh chemicals and abrasives aren’t the best for jewelry or your hands. See individual ‘Care For’ instructions below. Each material has different instructions, so please review the instructions for all of the materials in your piece and choose the least abrasive cleaning method.



Diamonds – We are committed to using recycled, signature (conflict-free) or lab-grown diamonds that are purchased from reputable U.S. companies. Diamonds are the most durable stone with a Mohs hardness of 10/10, however there is still the potential for them to break and chip, especially with a strong blow at the “perfect angle,” the stone’s Achilles heel if you will. To best insure that this will not happen have “top heavy” rings sized properly so they are not able to turn around the finger. Also examine the settings every now and again, perhaps when you’re giving your ring a good cleaning. If you see that a prong has been pushed over due to a blow, visit your local jeweler or send it back to us to have it re-pronged/new bezel/flush/channel setting to house the stones properly. Please visit our Warranty page here.

Care For Instructions (Diamonds) – To clean, simply soak the ring in an ammonia based solution such as Windex. Leave jewelry in for 10 to 20 minutes to loosen up oils, dirt, lotion, etc., especially anything that is stuck behind the stone. Remove from solution and gently brush, especially behind the stones; this is where a children’s toothbrush comes in handy with it’s soft and petit bristles and head. Once it looks sparkly and clean, use a soft cloth to dry and, voila, shiny and bright once again!


Metal Material

Gold (Au) – There are many different alloys** of gold, which are measured in karats (k); the higher the karat, the greater its gold content (10k = 10/24 = 41.7% pure gold, 14k = 14/24 = 58.3% pure gold, 18k = 18/24 = 75.0% pure gold, 24k = 24/24 = 100% pure gold).

Yellow Gold – Naturally gold has a golden-yellow hue. We prefer the rich color of 18k or above, therefore you may notice that many of our yellow-gold items are 18k.

Rose Gold – Copper added to this alloy**, gives this gold a lovely pinkish hue. POPPYOR uses a variety of karats, however we generally use 10k and 14k for our collections and up to 18k for our wedding bands and engagement rings.

White Gold – White gold is an alloy of gold and at least one white metal, most commonly nickel*. White gold will have a natural light-yellowish tint, due to the fact that 14k white gold is 58.3% gold, and 18k white gold is 75% gold.

Platinum (Pt) and Palladium (Pd 950) – Platinum and Palladium are in the same family, both hold a grayish-white color. They are both the best hypoallergenic* option, tarnish resistant and more durable than gold; therefore they wear well over a lifetime or many lifetimes to come.

Care For Instructions (Palladium/Platinum & Gold) – To clean, soak your jewelry for about five minutes in a commercial jewelry cleaner, use a small soft-bristle brush, like a children’s toothbrush, to gently clean. Finish by rinsing, then dry with a soft cloth or a polishing cloth for an extra luster.


14k Gold-Fill (1/20) – Fabricated using a solid layer of 14k yellow gold, bonded by heat and pressure to a base metal. With 20% gold, this material will not wear down over time and show it’s base metal, unlike gold-plate or vermeil. Also, many people who can wear gold (14-24k) can wear gold-fill jewelry without allergic reactions.

Care For Instructions (14k GF)- A gentle commercial jewelry cleaner is preferred. Finish by rinsing then dry with a soft cloth or a polishing cloth for an extra luster. Although there is a solid layer of gold on the surface, be careful to avoid heavy surface scratches on jewelry that is fabricated in 14k gold-fill, because the base metal may become exposed.


De-Oxidized and TruSilver® Sterling Silver – The silver of choice that we use to fabricate all jewelry, is either de-oxidized sterling silver or TruSilver® ( both are hallmarked as sterling silver). De-oxidized and TruSilver® have tarnish resistant properties 4–5 times that of traditional Sterling silver and are stronger (harder) than sterling as well.

 Care For Instructions (silver) – To clean, gently wash in warm soapy water or commercial jewelry cleaner. Finish by rinsing then dry with a soft cloth or a polishing cloth for an extra luster. Use a tarnish removal product which is approved for sterling silver rings as needed. Note, chemicals such as heavily chlorinated pools can darken your silver. If this happens, simply clean with a commercial jewelry cleaner.


Heirlooms and Recycled Jewelry – We are able to use family heirlooms or jewelry that you already own to add a deeply personalized touch to your custom designed piece. Please visit our Contact page to get in touch with us and let us know how we can incorporate and/or re-purpose your jewelry.


Surface Finishes

High PolishClean as instructed above, to get a beautiful luster use a Sunshine® polishing cloth for precious metal jewelry (found on Amazon). Use only where ring has high polish.

Heavy Brush – If the ring does become scratched or burnished (area where it comes in contact with another metal), lightly buff with an SOS pad, only in the area where the surface has a brushed finish.

Oxidized Sterling Silver – This is a liver of sulfur solution (patina) that accelerates the time of oxidation, which naturally occurs on semi-precious metals such as silver. It does not damage the metal and is not toxic or harmful to wear. Please note that raised areas on an oxidized piece of silver jewelry can wear off over time, allowing for a natural burnish/polish to occur.

Additional Information

*Metal AllergiesAllergies to metal are not uncommon. The most prominent are nickel allergies, however allergies to other metals can occur. If you are aware of any metal allergies please let us know and we would be happy to fabricate any item using a hypoallergenic metal. We may also be able to plate the piece to avoid an allergic reaction at an additional cost; both of which, alternative metal and plating costs, are determined case-by-case.

**Alloy – Material (metal) made by melting and mixing two or more metals together.




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