Ring of Remembrance

Ring of Remembrance_sapphire and palladium ring_POPPYOR. Custom

Ring of Remembrance_sapphire and palladium ring_POPPYOR. Custom.3 (1)


A sweet sigh of relief
to have you here with me
and our precious gems;
our lively little three.

Born of the October moon
as the day’s light wanes.
Dark tipping the balance
I celebrate four souls
who fill my world with
rays of bright light.

Circling through the mundane;
the tedious toils of
decisions, negotiating, moving
side by side
we set the scene
in dedication and commitment
to the lives we lead.

An offering of remembrance
a simple circle of pure blue hue
a gentle soft whisper;
thank you my dear love
for the pleasure of your hand.


Ring Material: palladium (Pd950), blue sapphires – this ring was created to celebrate the birthday of the client’s wife. She, along with their three children were all brought into this world in October.

Poem by Jessica Epperson-Lusty

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