Sending a Message_Custom wedding rings_POPPYOR


Fluid, steady; the heart, four beats.

One hand, it opens; they nestle, they meet.

The lens of she,

Happiness, and golden glee.

His mirror, slanted, up a hill,

Catches every ounce, of sun, to give him the will.

And gleaming, so bright,

That sun, at times, needs the calm of night.

That is when, they find, their moment,

When their messengers, have been sent, to seek atonement.

But it is the true respect and honor,

That keeps their love, never, a ponder.


Sending a Message_Custom wedding ring set_POPPYORGoing back in time, the couple wanted to celebrate their engagement and wedding with two ring, verses three, an engagement ring and two wedding band (hers and his). Fast forward a year and with an anniversary coming up, they decided to have a second ring added to her original yellow diamond ring. An engagement ring? A wedding band? An anniversary ring? Call it as you wish, so long as their message is sent!

Ring Material: 18k yellow gold, golden-yellow diamond

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