Soul and Style Slate 12: Winter 2016

Fabrication Fundays at Studio POPPYOR


Fabrication February… January is one of the slower months (next to August, for studio work), so we’ve been able to lay back and relax a little behind the computer screens, the cleaner side of the biz. But now with spring weddings making their way forward, along with custom orders and seasonal trunk shows, it’s time to get mindfully messy.

What’s worn in the studio? Anything flexible, breathable, comfy and casual. Next to no jewelry, so layer those studs because that’s about all you get.


Soul & Style Slate 12, Winter 2016


Levi – Laurel Sweater

Puma – Eskiva Mid Matallic

Everlane – Street Fleece Pant

POPPYOR – Grain, 14k Gold & Diamond Stud Earrings

POPPYOR – Grain, Sterling Silver & Diamond Stud Earrings

POPPYOR – Grain, Oxidized Silver & Diamond Stud Earrings

POPPYOR – Forge, Sterling Silver and Oxidized Silver Necklace


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