Our Vision

POPPYOR is an artistically driven fine jewelry company that holds true to the pure and poetic nature found within the still moments and shared memories of life. Our Jewelry is designed not just to be an object of beauty, but to become a personal core element for the wearer by absorbing their dialogues, stories, and identity over a lifetime.

We hold skillfully fabricated jewelry in high regard. Each piece that we fabricate is designed to weather the life of its original recipient and many more lifetimes to come. Craftsmanship is beyond important to us, and for this reason we take the hand-fabrication and finishing of each piece quite sincerely. Additionally we take comfort, and hope that our patrons do as well, in knowing that the precious metal and stones that we use come from reputable companies that follow strict SCS Global Service guidelines to be 100% environmentally and ethically responsible. Coming from our mission, each recipient of a POPPYOR piece will hold close to them an enduring token that is not only thoughtfully sourced, but with which they will build a deep connection that will become part of their everlasting story as they cherish it through a lifetime and in turn be passed on eternally.

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