Uniquly Vivid

Uniquely Vivid_Custom Engagement Ring_POPPYOR

Uniquely Vivid_Custom Engagement Ring_side3_POPPYOR~

Each encounter
a key unlocking
moments full of fun.
Waves of perspective carry
boundless appreciation of
nature, beauty, books
building upon one another
bringing forth a world shared with
vividly unique, she is.

He loves the cool elegance
upon the surface as
his eye focuses upon
a sly twist of warmth.
Her lighthearted spirit
rings a call,

As her sophisticated thinking
draws him closer still…
he relishes each moment
when walking side-by-side
she takes his hand in hers.

This is where his heart
takes flight
thoroughly transporting
back to a time
of simple sweet satisfaction
when a ring
took shape
in the heart of the beloved.

He envisions a design
encompassing generations
of tradition and transformation
bringing forth a form
vividly unique
cradling incandescent layers
of passionate admiration
enveloping a grain of
love never before known to this man.


Poem by Jessica Epperson-Lusty

Ring Material: Tahitian pearl, palladium, white sapphires

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