“Watch Out” Sterling Silver Ring

This solid sculptural piece of sterling silver is quite the comfortable ring to wear and very much the statement piece.

With it's (seemingly) side of intimidation, this slanted ring is inspired by rock sculptures that lead-designer and owner of POPPYOR, would play on and around as a young girl. The "Western Stone Garden" by Michael Jacobson was created and fabricated by the father of Poppy's very good childhood friend.

• material, sterling silver, 18k gold dot

• total width (centerpiece): 1/2 cm. • total length (centerpiece): 2 1/2" • band width: 1/4"

Size* * *Additional full and half sizes are available with no additional charge. Please place the order (choose any size) and then email us at, [email protected] directly after the order is placed to let us know the preferred size. Thank You!
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